Paul Hopman

Paul Hopman is predominantly involved in a wide variety of financial regulatory and litigation related matters for all kind of financial institutions such as bank, (re-)insurance companies, pension funds, payment providers, investment firms and many others.

He advises banks, insurance companies, investment firms, investment funds, and other financial institutions on the impact of financial services regulation in the Netherlands, Europe and internationally. He also advises on securities transactions, financial instruments, capital requirements, payment services, settlements, market structure, governance and surveillance, KYC/AML and supervision of markets, including market access.

Paul boasts significant background knowledge of the financial markets. He has built up this knowledge over the last 18 years on account of his direct involvement in a number of extensive cross-border (investigation) compliance-related projects and a large number of high-profile financial and insurance litigation matters, as well as his advice with respect to the disinvestments and restructuring, including a number of very large portfolio sales, which have been executed in the financial sector over the last decade. Paul is also involved in a broad range of new financial (service) providers entering the Dutch and European market, including those ones that apply for licenses in the Netherlands due to Brexit.

Currently Paul holds DLA Piper’s Country Managing Partner position in the Netherlands and is heading the Financial Regulatory team in Amsterdam.

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12.10 uur - 12.30 uur

Keynote: Climate Change: “A sustainable Financial Sector – A challenge, but we could make the difference!”

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