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At Varrlyn we believe that if it is possible, it will be done. If it is not possible, Varrlyn will look for ways to do it anyway. Turning impossible questions into possible solutions, that is what makes us different.

Our people breathe, dream and live dealing rooms. We have extensive experience in IT system implementations and application support for different financial markets/ Money Markets applications. Varrlyn has a proven track record: we have worked for financial institutions in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Sydney.

We help our clients improve their cost efficiency, simplify their application architecture, optimize the time to market, increase straight through processing and comply with financial regulations.

The regulatory solutions we offer our clients look like
– Functional design, build, test and deployment of the Central Clearing set up for IRS and CDS trades through the full chain of systems and processes. This was required to comply with EMIR and Dodd-Frank regulatory requirements.
-To get compliant to the latest Basel and ILAAP regulations, Varrlyn has executed several projects to implement new Risk models.
– Set up required static data to comply with EMIR (UTI, CICI, LEI, SSI’s etc.).
– Design, build and test of the repository reports.
– As part of the overall IMA application of a Dutch bank, Varrlyn has been responsible for delivering several streams of the overall programme. This required an initial self assessment to define gaps with the set regulatory criteria.
– Involvement in establishing EU regulatory EMIR reporting and improving Basel III compliancy of the Treasury Department of a Dutch private bank.

Varrlyn is a consulting firm which was founded in 2010 and is based in The Netherlands.

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